Our Three Fav Jewellery Lines

Jewellery is a funny thing. You’re a person who either wears it all the time, changing it up daily to coordinate with your outfit, or you’re a person who has a few key pieces that go with almost anything.

Whichever one you are, you probably agree that having the perfect piece is a) often elusive and b) key. We’re here to help you with both A and B because we just started carrying even more stunning jewellery lines! 

If you’ve been in our store, you know we have a wide range of jewellery, a range in price points as well as styles. Need a necklace for a formal gala? We’ve got our Sarah Mulder line for that. Or the perfect pair of earrings to finish off your casual everyday outfit? Joy Annett designs are understated brilliance. Maybe you feel like wearing the classic jeans and t-shirt and want a piece that elevates your look Anne-Marie Chagnon’s wearable art is our go-to. Basically, we’ve got you covered.

We’re always looking for the latest designers on the scene so we can bring their beautiful work to our shoppers. Recently, we started carrying a number of new lines and there are three that we are just so excited to now be carrying. Allow us to introduce you: 


One: Claudine Moncion

These sterling silver and copper pieces are nothing short of breathtaking. Handmade in Montreal by Claudine Moncion, every piece is sleek and elegant. Moncion’s background in architecture finds its way into every design, with the perfect lines and high-quality metals.  Shop the Collection

 Picture of Claudine Moncion square and round bangles with green leaves around it


Two: Flourish Stonewear

Flourish Stonewear is designed and handmade by two Ottawa-based women, Larra and Dawn. Each piece is a unique work of art, individually crafted with hours of attention paid to the finest details. Some designs are gentle callbacks to classical patterns and styles, while others are sassy and contemporary, but all are surprisingly light-weight considering they’re made of porcelain and clay. We are totally obsessed with this line and think you will be, too! Shop the Collection

Flourish Stoneware necklace with gold, block leather and a ceramic blue, tan and white painted pendant 

Three: Pursuits

If any line could own a word, Pursuits would own the word “sleek,” because, wow. Made and designed in Toronto, Pursuits jewellery has a unique but minimalist look, making it a sophisticated and wearable line. The jewellery is made using brass with plating and colour coating or 12k gold plating, each piece crafted with design elements found from all over the world. The geometric shapes in the designs are an elegant hark back to the 60s art deco movement and we are here for it. Shop the Collection

Image of two ring necklaces from the Pursuits collection


Whatever your jewellery needs may be, we carry a brand that will be perfect for you. With our newly-launched online store, it is easier than ever to navigate. Happy Shopping!